Florida is BeautiFL (TM)

The Florida is BeautiFL series features some of the most breath-taking images of the area. And some of the funniest, too. Each postcard has a brief description on its back which is copied here below each card. The last image on the botton of this page shows the standard backside of each postcard.

Our postcards are printed on glossy cardstock and given a glossier UV coating to prevent fading by sunlight.

Please note that each image here has a copyright watermark symbol © on it to prevent copyright infringement. This symbol is not, of course, on the printed versions.


All images and text copyright American Postcard Company © 2013


  The Gulf Winds use the sea oats to write their songs in the sand. Come listen.  
  Every sunset in Pensacola is heavenly. Come see.  
  The sign says, “This marker commemorates the first religious service in the Pensacola area,
a mass celebrated on August 15, 1559, the Feast of the Assumption, by the Dominican friars who accompanied Tristan de Luna. Erected by the Knights of Columbus Council of Northwest Florida and De Luna Assembly 0156.”
  Washed up by Hurricane Ivan in 2004, the skull of this ancient sea beast gives a clear
warning to those who would dare the waters of Pensacola Beach: HERE BE MONSTERS.
  Hammered by hurricanes for half a millenium, Pensacola always blooms through centuries of rubble and ruin.  
  If you’ve seen to a prettier place, let us know.  
  It’s awesome.
(And below is a close up of the awesome 70s lettering.)



Pensacola’s pirate history is actually zilch. Unless you include all the retirees who come down here
and steal the good parking spaces and best tee times. We call them “retirates.” Argh!

  Pushed by the Gulf winds, long grasses draw half circles in the sand at Pensacola Beach.  
  Pensacola Beach. Where paradise is right under your nose.  
  Now you can see why it's called the Emerald Coast.  
  If you've been to a prettier place, let us know.  

Brilliant orange and subtle blues paint the white sands
of Pensacola every night.

  Pushed by the Gulf winds, long grasses draw half circles in the sand at Pensacola Beach.  
  There’s something in the waters ’round here, some undefined element that
makes it so glorious. We just can’t put words to it. It’s a mystery.
  Here is the standard backside. The descriptions of the images
are printedin the upper left hand corner.